Wonderful Places to Visit in France

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  2. March 24, 2014 5:22 pm

Wonderful Places to Visit in France

France is a land of such beauty and grace, it’s hard to pin down favorite places to visit, since many cities, cathedrals, museums, rivers, sea coasts and regions are so compelling. Nevertheless, here are some of favorite places to visit in France.


Where to start? Of course, start in Paris, France’s capital and home to inspired museums, cathedrals, world-class restaurants, quaint bistros and charming districts, with the Seine winding through it all. City of light, city of romance, city of art, Paris has lured millions of visitors to sample its treasures, from the awe-inspiring Louvre to the magnificent Notre Dame to Napoleon’s tomb and la Tour Eiffel, the central symbol of the city. In the height of the summer season, millions of tourists comb through Paris’ cultural attractions, so you might consider visiting the lovely city at off peak times.


If not the second most popular place to visit in France, Provence still lures millions of visitors each year to smell the lavender fields and stay in the enchanting medieval towns and villages. Covering the ground from Orange to Nice, one finds winding rivers, mountains and lush plains carpeted with flowers, vineyards and olive groves. While the French Riviera entices the most tourists, the inland towns and villages remain a treat to those who seek out hidden treasures. Skip the coast and explore enchanting villages like Gordes to see the old stone houses high on the hill and Roussillon to see the orange ochre cliffs. Watch a bullfight at Arles in the ancient Roman amphitheatre and see the Palace of the Popes in Avignon.

Loire Valley

The magnificent chateaux of the Loire valley stun visitors with their beauty. Allluring villages from fairy tales dot the rich land of the Loire. Take a cruise here to see the great palaces that perch on the edge of the river, or even extend over it. There exists so many lovely things to see and do in the Loire valley that you’ll have trouble knowing where to begin.

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