Welcome to Lannemezan France

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  2. March 24, 2014 5:23 pm

Welcome to Lannemezan France

Lannemezan is in southwest France located near the capital of Tarbes and 655km from Paris. There is a big market and a collection of independent shops and chains. You will find one fishmonger, a few butchers and a lovely bookshop, and the countryside has stunning views.

Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges near Lannemezan was originally a Roman colony founded by Roman General Pompey in 72 BC. In 1083 a knight became the bishop and ordered the constructing of the Cathedral and cloister. Today the cathedral still remains plus an archeological site with a theater and other discoveries. This village is a member of “The Most Beautiful Villages of France” and was one of the places that cyclists passed by during the Tour de France in July of 2012.

There are three architectural styles in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges Cathedral as well as marble floors, a 55m-long nave, an impressive choir with 67 stalls in oak and walnut, stained glass, tombs, two huge pillars, a 16th century organ and “coat of arms” over the Romanesque arches.

The remains of the Gallo-Roman Villa of Montmaurin can also be explored. Built in the First Century with modifications in the Third and Fourth Centuries, this was one of the largest of France’s discoveries of Roman villas. Amazingly, archaeologist found a temple, courtyards and many living quarters including 200 rooms, heating under the floors, running water, glazed windows along with marble and mosaic decorations.

The Hillen Pottery Garden is private but open to the public for limited hours. There are many gardens there including English, Contemporary, Rural, Vegetable, Botanic and an Exotic with over 100 species of palm, bamboo and banana trees. There is also a free pottery that you can visit.

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